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Think Enabled is a rapidly emerging company. This emergence owes itself to the confidence our clients have in us and their satisfaction in whatever manner we are able to serve them. They come to us once and then return over and over again, with new stuff.

One of our fundamental precepts is the value we give to our clients backed by our quality of service and deliverance. This in turn is something that we relish and keeps us motivated.

Case Studies

Rainbow Appliance is one of the leading Home Appliances and Electronic products merchants running a very successful ecommerce business online. They have an extensive supply chain and deal with a number of distributor channels. Think Enabled was assigned the task of automating their Supply Chain and do complicated stock and inventory related reporting. We were able to meet all the requirements overcoming the challenges in a very short period of time and in a cost effective manner employing the best available technology.

Think Enabled provided Data Integration Services for the AT&T sponsored research project being conducted at University Of Florida, Gainesville. The projects aims at producing statistical reports based on data collected from various Virtual i.e. Distant Learning schools across US.

This in itself posed a great challenge. The solution had to be robust, with straight forward interfaces for staff working in schools, providing them ease of use and access. Given the nature of end users involved the system also had to be highly checking.

Think Enabled approached the problem intelligently making it look like just another business problem and ended up rendering a smart and effective data integration service. Outlets

Google Maps Meshup & Geoencoding

Think Enabled firmly supports the Web 2.0 methodlogies and concepts. This meshup that we provided to NyPizzeria is just a step in the direction.

With our team of experts equipped with cutting-edge technology and above all abreast with latest industry trends and practices, Think Enabled has all the potential to turn your infrastructure into a Web 2.0 compliant one.

A HugaBlock is a patented product in form of a cuddly cube with pictures printed on faces over a cloth base - a unique keepsake! Think Enabled was entrusted the task of coming up with a simple yet engaing ecommerce site bringing the HugaBlock to life! It was indeed challenging to deal with this great out of the box product yet the objectives were met in time and with success.

The following projects were jointly executed by Think Enabled and its partner firms Ipvestors (an internet marketing firm) and Suradesign (a web graphic company)


Every Thing High School Network -

EHSN is a video sharing site unique in its nature. Featuring almost all high school sports, EHSN delivers great quality live streaming media engaging the associated high school communities. Bringing in advertisers and selling ad space to marketers is among the objectives of this site.
Think Enabled delivered a highly scalable media streaming platform employing Flash Media Server i.e. FMS-3 using Realtime Messaging Protocol (RTMP) and a Content Management System based solution was come up with.

Elfarouq Foundation - a Non-Profit Organization

Clay Thomas PC - is an Texas based accountant's website. The client suffered from the same problem like many professionals do i.e. lack of discoverability as a result of hardly observable presence. Think Enabled delivered a well designed SEO-Focussed content oriented CMS driven site which very rapidly earned high page ranks with in a short period of its launch. Apart from this the site has been equipped with google analytics offerings to monitor online customer referals and track overall leads capitalization.

The Decor Stores - Total Wallcoving Inc.

The Decor Stores present a very interesting scenario. The valued client Total Wallcoving Inc. initially came up with an ASP.NET 1.1 to 2.0+ migration project for Think Enabled; starting from one site they ended up acquiring 5 sites and the number is still counting. Think Enabled acting smartly shifted the client to an ASP Model with growing number of stores and sales increasing by the day. Today all the sites are well known among their returning buyers with a very high retention ratio. Feature after feature was worked upon turning the Ecommerce engine into a highly manageable system with typical offerings and a much enhanced user experience.
(Discretion advised - Explicit graphic content uploaded post site delivery.)

Clinica Beaute is beauty store with patented skin care and beauty products. Think Enabled was delegated the task of coming up with this online store including some powerful user locking features like "Nail Lacquer - Skin Tone Mix N Match". A comprehensive AJAX enabled solution based off powerful Microsoft .NET platform was provided to the happy client, enabling them achieve success in selling their products online. -

InnerLoopCondos is a CMS driven real estate portal for a Houston based company featuring all of their communities and projects with inventory listings and floorplan designs. Usability and content orientation, have been the key features kept in mind while developing this site, and with a CMS backend empowering the client to take control of their site themselves.

Valerie Redding Jewelry is a uniqie Ecommerce Store meant for selling ornaments and jewelry items online. The site has a great design and equipped with features to display the items in an attractive manner thus boosting sales.

University Copy Center

Every time you visit University Copy Center online, get the feel of the very campus you study at with a localized version of the site served to you with just the features and services available at your near campus UCC outlet(s).