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Enable OSPRO

Conventional Project Management Tools allow for managing projects in office space or offsite environments where there is a stable infrastructure present.

Imagine a team of relief workers spread over an area deviod of any facility, working in an adhoc manner or a group of construction workers working on a site.

Enable OSPRO is a unique product which eNABLES OnSite PROject Management, adapted to mobile adhoc environemnts. The system underwent incubation at the University of Florida Mobile Computing Lab and won appreciation from the Microsoft's Mobile Team.

Enable OSPRO is a PDA based system that smartly achieves the objectives as follows:

Just like normal projects with plans chalked out before hand, OSPRO follows the same ‘preplan’ approach. This preplan is auto-propagated to onsite handheld devices. Once the project starts, tasks can be assigned and communicated to target stations and undergo their lifecycles over the onsite project activity period. All updates are propagated and duly synchronized using advanced algorithms. The key feature of this design is the fact that distribution at the start and compilation at the end of the activity period is not required. Also there is no single point of failure as each client is updated and is at the same level of synchronization. Once the onsite execution concludes, the project tasks and all associated data may be synchronized with any convential system via flexible extensions.

Enable Survey

Enable Survey is a very comprehensive software package which eNABLES you to conduct online Surveys.
Whether you are a doctor, a clinic, a government agency or educational institution and need to receive valuable information and feedback from your patients, clients, customers etc, this is the system worth owning.

Designing a survey is even easier than filling it out.
Enable Survey provides you with a powerful designer and is fully UI driven. All you need to do is to drag 'n' drop components to compose questionnaire and once done publish the survey!!

Following are some screens from an "Enable Survey" deployment.

More information and demo coming soon ...

Enable CAM

Think Enabled provides state-of-the-art suite of products and services conforming to the Electronic Manufacturing Industry standards. The suite offers ::

  • Online PCB Data Migration Services from legacy standards

  • Advanced PCB Navigator (not just a Viewer!!). Visually realizes design data.

  • Realtime Collaboration between OEM, Venders and Suppliers via Central Server powering up Supply Chain.

  • Advanced Filter based Search capabilites.

  • Support for layerd boards.

  • Drill down to the exact level of detail.

  • Click here for a screen shot.

More information and demo coming soon ...