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Data Integration Services

For any enterprise data is an asset and it is a real challenge when it resides in multile forms, across multiple platforms. Think Enabled offers comprehensive Data Integration services, when data is to be transformed and migrated across all barriers, keeping its integrity intact.

We take into consideration all your business constraints and scenarios, making sure you get the unification to build upon. We follow a very structured approach centered around the concept of isolation. Your exisiting sub-systems remain completely functional with no interruptions during the process.

Think Enabled has a firm grip over industry's leading ETL platforms and tools like Microsoft's SSIS (MS Sql Server Integration Services), Talend, Oracle Warehouse Builder (OWB) to power your supply chains and warehouses.

Migrating data from legacy systems

Consolidating data from heterogeneous data sources

Extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) for data warehouses

Data modeling of relational and dimensional structures

Designing and managing corporate metadata