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Database Services

Think Enabled offers comprehensive services.


We believe that administering databases is a high-profile and specialized job. Smaller companies may be able to get away with it, but when businesses are real-time systems, high influx and run into challenges like scalability and fault tolerance, that is where professional administration really matters. Think Enabled offers comprehensive Database Administration involving:
  • Recovery & Backup strategies e.g. hot and cold backups.
  • Performance Tuning e.g. Index Rebuilding, Memory Management.
  • Scalability: Low level file management and proper planning
  • Clustering / Disaster Recovery: Failover Implementation, Parallel Processing, Session Shifting for 0% down time (Oracle Data Guard)


A right decision at the right time is basically it. Let Think Enabled help you in assessing your business needs and requirements, figure out growth patterns for cost effective and durable systems stemming from databases. Our specialists will get the best for you, whether you are into planning phase or already have running database systems that need to be altered for optimality in all respects.


Think Enabled has all it takes to architect the right foundations for your systems, irrespective of their complexities. Our database engineers leave no stone unturned. When it comes to designing databases they cover all angles bringing you the vantage which you would not have even thought of. Security, scalability, extensibility, accessibility, reliability, performance; anything and everything. With the system requirements and business constraints gone over repeatedly, is how we come up with the design.


Often companies feel compelled for various practical considerations to port from one vendor platform to another. Yet they may be constrained by limited capability, expertise or data integrity issues. If you are employing any of the following databases:
  • Oracle 8i onwards
  • MS Sql Server 2000 onwards
  • PostgreSQL any version
  • MySQL any version
Think Enabled can seamlessly port from one medium to another, without any hassles or integrity compromises.