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For Airlines

  • Integration with Sabre Reservation System

  • Integration with and management of AIMS System Modules.

  • Deadhead Crew Auto-Booking / Reservation.

  • Online Seat Preallocation Module.

  • Web Booking Engine.

Enable CAM

Think Enabled's product-line, Enable CAM is a complete suite of products and services which equips any OEM (Original Equipment Manufactuers), EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services) and Part Suppliers to automate all areas of collaborative electronic product manufacturing. Enable CAM comprises of Enable CAM Collaborator , Enable CAM Graphics , Enable CAM BOM , Enable CAM ECO , Enable CAM Assembly , Enable CAM ICT , Enable CAM Inspection packages
  • Exchange your product content information in the real-time
  • Allow your customers, suppliers and part suppliers to interactively view the product as it is built
  • Get the power to generate the accurate response to RFQs with visibility to the market pricing
  • Maintain Intelligent BOMs
  • With our Enable CAM Translator tool, you can convert the design data in varied formats into an XML format.
  • With our web-based Enable CAM Graphics Navigator , visually share the product data with customers, suppliers, manufacturers all from a standard web-browser. Enable CAM Graphics Navigator allows to drill down into your product content using a flexible tree and graphical navigation facility
  • Enable CAM Filter Engine allows you and your partners to define their own filters on the product/process content, hence delivering just the right information to just the right person at just the right time.